Going on Your Summer Holidays?

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Going on Your Summer Holidays?

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Unoccupied homes are more likely to be burgled than those occupied. Also during the summer months, we are more likely to forget to close windows and doors when leaving the house.  In the summer, 25% of all burglars gain access through an unsecured door or window.  The theft of garden and sports equipment rises by 23% during the summer months.

These are rather depressing statistics at a time of year when we’re planning holidays, day-trips and long nights out.  However, this is reality.  We advise you to follow these precautions in relation to the security of your home in summertime.

  • If leaving the house, even for a quick trip to the shop, make sure that you lock your doors and windows.  With the warmer weather, many of us leave doors and windows open but this is an invitation for intruders.
  • Lock away lawnmowers and bicycles etc. after use.
  • Store keys away from letterboxes and windows.
  • Set your alarm.
  • Make your home look occupied if going on holiday.  Use light dimmer switches.  Arrange for someone to gather up your post.  Have your grass cut while you’re away.
  • Don’t post on social media about upcoming holidays, day trips or weddings.  Don’t post while you’re still away.  Don’t tag other people implying that they’re not at home.

Make sure you have adequate insurance cover for your home.  For an insurance quote, contact us on 053-9159922.