Irish Drivers have some very bad driving habits. . .

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Irish Drivers have some very bad driving habits. . .

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Irish drivers do not appear to be heeding road safety warnings when it comes to our behaviour behind the wheel.  Research carried out by Ipsos Mori on behalf of Aviva, looked at driving habits across 13 countries around the world.  The findings from an Irish perspective are quite alarming:

  • 26% of Irish drivers admit to sending text messages while at the wheel, twice as many as in the UK. Indonesian drivers were most likely to text behind the wheel, with some 54% admitting to the dangerous habit.
  • 45% of Irish motorists admitted to making phone calls behind the wheel without a hands-free kit, while in the UK the equivalent figure was 20%.
  • 15% report checking their social media while driving on Irish roads – more than double that of the UK at 7%. Only Italian drivers are worse than Irish drivers among our European counterparts, at 17%.
  • 84% of Irish drivers use electronic devices while at the wheel, compared to 66% of drivers in the UK. (included in this figure is those that use their devices safely i.e. with a hands free unit.)
  • 60% of Irish drivers admit to eating or drinking while driving, the highest proportion in Europe.
  • 7% of motorists in Ireland confessed to doing their make-up behind the wheel, again, the highest in Europe.
  • 40% of Irish drivers admit to driving while excessively tired, compared to 31% in the UK.

At Stuart Insurances, we urge drivers to act sensibly on the roads and to avoid distractions.  Road traffic accidents can lead to more claims and higher insurance premiums.  Worse than that, they can ruin lives.