Clean Your Gutters for a Protected Home

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Clean Your Gutters for a Protected Home


In Summer time, we want our gardens and the exteriors of our homes look spick and span!  But having clean rain gutters isn’t just about keeping our homes looking amazing – clean gutters keep our homes protected too! Did you know that having clean gutters can help you:

Control where the water goes.  Clear gutters let you control where your roof water goes. Whether it’s in a rain barrel or simply through a downspout and onto the lawn, you’re keeping the water away from your foundation.

Keep your garden beautiful.  If you’ve worked hard on your garden, large amounts of water running off from your roof can destroy your hard work. Cleaning your gutters can let you direct the flow of the rainwater away from your beautiful blooms.

Safeguard the Structure of your Home. Properly functioning gutters will keep excess rain from creeping in and around your plastering, windows and foundation, which can cause discoloration and structural damage.

These tips will help you avoid having to make insurance claims but remember, if you do need to make a claim, that’s what your insurance is for.

  • Clean your gutters once a year, but more often if you have lots of trees in your garden.
  • When cleaning, inspect the gutters for leaks and sags.
  • Use a ladder to get to the gutters and use ladder horns to keep the gutter from being damaged.
  • Scoop out debris with a small gardening shovel.
  • Put the debris into a bucket for disposal.
  • Use a hose to force water through the downspouts to make sure they are clean.

There are plenty of professional gutter cleaning and servicing companies around that can do the job efficiently for you if you are not comfortable with ladders.